Tina Berryman
Caldwell, Idaho

“He wore them all day and all night and didn’t cry once”
“He laughed and played and smiled all day”

My name is Tina Berryman.  My son Ethan was born March 6, 2004 with bilateral clubfoot.  It came as quite a shock as we were not aware of it before hand.  Fortunately, we discovered the Ponseti Method of treatment and Ethan was casted at 13 days old.  After a series of casts and minor heel cord lengthening, his feet were corrected and we went into the standard DBB with white Markell shoes.  This was the beginning of our nightmare.  Ethan could not tolerate these shoes.  He screamed constantly.  There were weeks of sleepless nights and times that I just wanted to give up.  I knew that these shoes were hurting my precious baby but I knew that they were the key element to his treatment.  He immediately had red marks and blisters.  The orthotist told us to put rubbing alcohol on his feet to “toughen them up”.  This wasn’t acceptable to me and I decided to contact John (Mitchell) about a new shoe that he had begun making.  I talked to several parents who use the shoes and were extremely happy with them.  My husband and I talked it over and decided that a happy baby was worth anything and we bought the shoes.  Once we got those shoes I put them on Ethan immediately.  He cried and fussed while I was putting them on but as soon as I was done, HE ACTUALLY SMILED AT ME!!!  I just cried.  It was the difference between night and day.  He wore them all day and all night and didn’t cry once.  He laughed and played and smiled all day.  These shoes literally changed my child.  He was so grouchy and so miserable that my husband and I actually decided not to have any more children because there was a slight chance that the next baby could have clubfoot also and there was no way we were going to go through that again.  Needless to say, John Mitchell’s shoes changed all that because we are expecting our 3rd child in May who was also diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot by ultrasound.  I am not worried though…I know that John will have a pair of shoes ready for us when we need them!


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