Stepping Forward Together | Parent and Orthotists Event

Special Guests

  • Shannon Oshea Shannon Oshea

    Shannon O'Shea

    ABC-certified prosthetist/orthotist

     Hanger Clinic

  • Ksenia Major Ksenia Major

    Ksenia Major

    Board Certified Orthotist, Clinical Director

    Boston O&P

  • Maureen Hoff Maureen Hoff

    Maureen Hoff

    Clubfoot Mom


Join us for "Stepping Forward Together," a special Zoom event dedicated to clubfoot parents, orthotists, and experts in the field. 

During this exclusive gathering, you'll have the opportunity to connect with two renowned orthotists, Shannon O'Shea from Hanger Clinic and Ksenia Major from Boston O&P. These experts will share their invaluable knowledge, insights, and experiences in treating clubfoot. Whether you have questions about treatment options, braces, or long-term care, this event is the perfect platform to get expert advice. 

In addition to the orthotists, we are honored to have Maureen Hoff, a clubfoot parent, author, and podcaster, as a special guest. Maureen will offer her personal perspective on navigating the journey of raising a child with clubfoot. Her wealth of experience and wisdom will provide valuable support and inspiration to fellow parents. 

Join us for "Stepping Forward Together" and step into a supportive community where knowledge, empowerment, and connection thrive. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Stepping Forward Together | Clubfoot Parent Event