MD Orthopaedics, based in Wayland, Iowa, is an orthopedic device company focused on design, manufacture, assembly and distribution of Ponseti Method clubfoot products.

Founded in 2004 by John Mitchell, MD Orthopaedics is advancing footwear devices for non-surgical clubfoot treatment and is an industry leader in the production of ankle and foot orthotics in North America. The company has a staff of 28 and features more than 20 products, including ankle foot orthotics (AFOs), abduction bars, training models, educational materials and a host of accessories.

MD Orthopaedics’ products are sold in over 126 countries and are used by hundreds of thousands of customers. Within the United States, as a member of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association, MD Orthopaedics works closely with the orthopedic and prosthetic community. MD Orthopaedics aspires to be continually innovative to offer the best possible products for the teaching, training, and implementation

of the Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Treatment and to provide exceptional customer service before and after the sale.

“I am so thankful every day for these shoes.”
–clubfoot mother New Jersey

MD Orthopaedics’ products are used for the teaching, training, and implementation of the Ponseti Method of treating clubfoot. As the designer and manufacturer of products, MD Orthopaedics does not provide medical treatment, advice, or information. Information about the risks and benefits of medical treatment, including treatment that involves the use of MD Orthopaedics’ product, and available alternatives is provided solely by physicians or other health care providers. If you have questions about your child’s treatment, it is very important for you to discuss those questions with the appropriate health care provider. MD Orthopae- dics does not, and cannot, warrant certain results from the use of its products. While MD Orthopaedics cannot guarantee results, it is committed to taking every reasonable step to provide the best possible product and customer service. We value your feedback and the opportunity to serve you.